Why Rasheem Got a Tattoo for Making the Tough Decision to Drop Out of College: VIDEO

rasheem my first time
Credit: Rodas Dechassa

It’s hard to forget your first tattoo. In this ‘My First Time,’ Rasheem recounts walking into a tattoo parlor for a consultation, only to leave with his first tattoo that very same visit. After the heavy decision to drop out of college, despite being the first of his family to attend, Rasheem was left feeling confused and overwhelmed. He went through a tough time trying to manage all of the expectations of his friends and family, and figure out for himself what was next. This experience inspired the design of an anchor. The tattoo placement was also picked with purpose, on the back of his left arm, the same side as his heart.

One day after finishing up work early, he walked into a random tattoo parlor with the design in mind, hoping for a quote and consultation. Instead, the artist urged him to get it right then and there and Rasheem agreed. Shaken up by the spontaneity, he was hoping to listen to One Direction’s newly released album “Take Me Home” for comfort. The artist advised him not to as he believed he should be fully present in the experience since it was his first. Since his first tattoo experience, Rasheem continued to get tattooed (13 more times to be exact) but his anchor remains to be his favorite piece to date.

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