Brittany Shares The Heartwarming Story Behind Her First Tattoo: VIDEO

Brittany Shares The Heartwarming Story Behind Her First Tattoo
Credit: Rodas Dechassa

It’s hard to forget your first tattoo. For this week’s “My First Time“, Brittany tells us the heartwarming story behind her first tattoo. When Brittany’s father passed away when she was 18, she decided to get a tattoo to make her feel like he was always with her.

Her father had a tattoo of the Om symbol on his arm, with her name in Hindu written under it. Brittany decided to replicate that tattoo on her back, replacing her name with “Daddy” in Hindu. Being a student and not having much money, she settled on a tattoo shop that had a very interesting deal: any sized tattoo would only cost a hundred bucks.

Her tattoo came out a lot bigger than she initially expected (partly due to the artist’s enthusiasm about the story behind her getting it done) but she fell in love with it in the end.  

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