This is How to Get a Tattoo With Your Partner and Side-Step Future Regret: VIDEO

Credit: Rodas Dechassa

It’s hard to forget your first tattoo. In this week’s My First Time, Nate tells us about how he got his first tattoo with his girlfriend at the time, but it’s not what you think. Tattoos weren’t exactly celebrated by his family which stopped him from getting one early. When he finally went off to college, he took his newfound freedom to a tattoo shop with his girlfriend where he got two tattoos in the same visit.

While he was looking forward to getting a tattoo, his intuition told him that he was going to break up with his girlfriend soon. Knowing that he wasn’t that into the relationship, he chose a design that was in no way related to her. This way, when their relationship was no more, the tattoo wouldn’t hold negative memories or awkward conversations for him down the road. If he had gone through with it, he’d probably be reading up on tattoo removal processes right about now. During that same visit, he got another tattoo of a personal logo he had designed in art school. This piece was heavily shaded, and he hated every second of it, describing it as incredibly painful. Pain is temporary though, and he now is so comfortable with his tattoos that he often forgets he even has any at all.

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