Rachel’s First Tattoo Highlights Why Communication is Key: VIDEO

Rachel's First Tattoo Highlights Why Communication Is Key: VIDEO
Credit: Rodas Dechassa

It’s hard to forget your first tattoo. In this week’s “My First Time“, Rachel tells us about her first tattoo and the surprising way her parents came to find out about it.

When Rachel was just 18 years old, she got her first tattoo: a keyhole behind her ear. Meant to represent the power of communication, and how important listening is within that, she chose to place it behind her ear so it would be easier to hide from her family.

While she got away with hiding it for six months, her parents caught a glimpse of the tattoo after she fell asleep on their couch.

Looking back, one of the things she wishes she knew before getting that first tattoo (apart from getting it done in a friend’s basement) was to research her artist more, and put more thought into who the artist was.

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