12 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Zodiac Tattoo

12 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Zodiac Tattoo
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Thinking of getting a zodiac tattoo? It may well be written in the stars. Before you think that a zodiac symbol is played out or overdone though, there are practically endless ways you can interpret your astrology sign. Whether it’s a simplistic design of the actual symbol, incorporating it into a larger piece of your choosing, or using them to get matching designs, there are plenty of options for zodiac tattoos. Here we list 12 tattoo designs, one for every zodiac sign, to get your ideas going.


The detail on this incredible tattoo is stunning. If you have an artist with a good eye and an unbelievably steady hand, you could try for a delicate tattoo. For something this intricate, it’s good to get it in a place where you can show it off. Something like this deserves to be seen.


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The line work on this bull is extremely delicate and worthy of any proud Taurus. It’s a less obvious way to show off your affinity for astrology but still lets everyone know you’re a Taurus through and through. If you want detailed line work like this, it’s often better to opt for a larger design so the ink won’t bleed, placed where the skin will hold the ink well.


Sometimes your zodiac tattoo can be as simple as writing out your sign — or the sign of someone important in your life — as a small doodle. You could even draw the symbol yourself so it’s extra special, or have an important person in your life draw it.


The beauty of the zodiac symbols is that they’re small, and easy to place just about anywhere on your body. If you want something simple, you can get it done in miniature, using them as personal decoration on your hands.


Constellations are also a standout go-to choice when it comes to getting a zodiac tattoo. This one for the Leo sign is simple but, with the addition of the larger stars, makes a strong visual statement.


If you know someone who is as proud of their star sign as you are, matching tattoos are an effective way to go. This example shows two best friends who decided to make their mark with identical Virgo tattoos.


A decorative display of scales is the perfect nod to your Libra zodiac. It’s one of the few ways to show off the symbol of this star sign, and this particular design pays close attention to detail with the constellation included behind it.


This tattoo is proof that you don’t have to just have a design focused solely on your zodiac sign or constellation. The addition of the rose, overlapping the Scorpio’s scorpion, adds a personal touch.


The watercolor tattoo technique is one growing in popularity and, when you see tattoos like this, you realize why. The Sagittarius constellation set on the watercolor background is a stunning, monochromatic approach.


Zodiac tattoos don’t have to just be small, reserved for the wrist and arm. This larger Capricorn design proves that you can wear your zodiac sign boldly.


Zodiac symbols make for a great matching tattoo moment. Whether you pair up with your significant other or even a sibling or best friend, you can get your own zodiacs or swap them so you have each other’s.


Last but certainly not least, this Pisces tattoo manages to combine the constellation with the symbol’s fish representation in a considered, detailed, monochromatic design.

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