17 Tattoos That Diehard Fans Will Love

17 Tattoos That Diehard Fans Will Love
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Calling all fans of Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel, and Adventure Time! If tattoo inspiration is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered. With endless options for inking your body, whether you want something small and subtle or loud and proud, it’s easy to show off your love for these fantastical worlds.

Here we highlight some of the best pieces that have been tattooed on the bodies of some of these fandoms’ biggest fans to jumpstart your thought process and get the inspiration flowing.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans know Hogwarts will always be home, which makes any tattoo of the fictional castle a good choice. This stunning tattoo portrays the castle in a snowglobe, adding to the fantasy factor, and even includes a tiny Deathly Hallows at the bottom.

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It’s hard to know what to look at first on this beautiful Harry Potter tattoo. It has a little bit of everything — the Hogwarts castle, Hedwig the owl, a golden snitch, a letter from Hogwarts, and a whole lot of magic.

As any Severus Snape fan knows, “Always” will forever be one of the most emblematic phrases from Harry Potter . The simple, classic “Always” combined with a lightning bolt brings both Snape and Harry into the ultimate tattoo. A small tattoo like this also could work on a variety of spots on your body.

This take on the Deathly Hallows has a lot more detail than the standard triangle, circle, and line design. The artist created the triangle out of dots, the line as an actual wand, and the circle is an intricate golden snitch. It gives the usual design more depth and tells more of a story.

Bellatrix Lestrange gets a fitting upgrade with this Medusa twist. A character portrait like this will require a tattoo artist with a careful and steady hand who can create flawless thin lines. You could translate this design into any of your favorite Harry Potter characters, giving them any twist you’d like.


There are a lot of ways to turn your Disney love into tattoos, but have you considered matching tattoos? This Beauty and the Beast set would work for family, friends, or couples. The same idea would work for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and any other prince and princess pairs.

Talking of Disney pairs, this sweet tattoo of Ariel and Sebastian could also work. It’s done simply as an outline with a splash of watercolor for accent, making it stand out from your standard colored-in artwork.

If you want to really show off your love for Disney princesses, covering your knuckles in tiny tattoos is an option. This super fan decorated each of her fingers with some of Disney’s most well-known faces, including Pocahontas, Belle, and Cinderella. A design like this would also work with Mickey and Minnie Mouse faces, if you’d rather show your Disney love that way.

One of the most amazing things about Disney cartoons is the bright colors they employ. If you want a cartoon Disney tattoo, make sure you find an artist comfortable working with such vibrant hues. This Lion King tattoo is beyond stunning with its colors and accuracy to the original.

Tattoos like this Jungle Book one will require a very skilled artist who can create such delicate lines. This style would work for any of your favorite Disney characters, but will translate best if you do a tattoo that’s on the larger side and is in a location on your body that will hold the ink well.

What makes this Bambi tattoo so lovely is not just the flawless linework but also how the characters are framed inside a heart, with stars and baubles as decoration. The lack of color makes the shapes pop as well.

Disney fans can’t go wrong with a Mickey Mouse tattoo that stays true to the mouse’s original look. You can place a tattoo like this virtually anywhere on your body and do it either in color or all black. Luckily Mickey isn’t too colorful of a character, so won’t require much filling in!


Embrace your dark side with a super cool Thanos tattoo. What’s so great about this tattoo in particular is that it’s all done in blackwork except for the iconic infinity stones. This kind of color treatment would work well for any of the well-known superheroes or supervillains.

Marvel’s Groot is one of those great characters that any fan should be happy to have displayed on their body. This little guy also makes a great tattoo for someone who doesn’t take life too seriously — after all, part of the charm of Groot is the fact that all he says is “I am Groot”!

If you’re in any kind of fandom, why not go for your favorite quote? You can have your tattoo artist write it out for you, you can write it yourself, or you can print it out online. Whichever you choose, any quote that means something to you — like this Nick Fury one — makes a great piece of body art.

Adventure Time

You’re never too old for your favorite cartoons. Adventure Time is one of those shows that we’ve loved for years and will continue loving for as long as possible. Like this fun and intricate tattoo, you can show off your dedication to the show or even make them into friendship tattoos.

The beauty of the Adventure Time characters is the simplicity of their lines, thanks mostly to them being cartoons. You could easily get one of the characters tattooed on yourself in any size and not have to worry too much about the lines bleeding over time. We love how seamlessly the two colors blend together in this design, giving it a subtle twist on how Jake usually looks.

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