Instagram Poetry Is Trending—So Are Tattoos With Its Text

instagram poetry tattoos
Credit: Instagram / @cold.tattooer

If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, you’re well aware that Instagram poetry isn’t just a trend, rather it’s become a whole literary subculture in and of itself. Just last year The Atlantic argued that the platform literally saved poetry, offering the art form a place to flourish in a world where the printed word has been faltering. The availability of immediate inspiration, motivation, or just a good read has been a bright spot on Instagram—and now, Instagram poetry is becoming a rich pot of ideas that are perfect for new tattoos. Check out these six pieces featuring some of the best lines from some of the best Instagram poetry stars including Rupi Kaur, Atticus, and more.

1. This important piece of advice

Sometimes we all need a reminder that we’re not operating alone—there’s always someone out there to help. And that’s exactly what this minimal design does, thanks to the words from “A Prayer / A Spell,” a poem by Sabrina Benaim, a spoken word artist and IG poet. We’re particularly enamored with the inner forearm placement, which allows the reminder to be a personal one.

2. This call for female empowerment

With practically flawless linework, this fineline tattoo by Joanne Martian, owner of Martian Arts Tattoo Studio in Portland, is both meticulously conceptualized and designed. Although the text and images are by the OG of Instagram poetry, Rupi Kaur, the handwriting comes courtesy of the client’s grandmother, making it an incredibly personal piece that’s also technically impressive. (Sidenote: Kaur’s work also inspired one of our staffer’s first tattoos.)

3. This cleverly designed duo

“Angels Of The Get Through” is a recent work courtesy of Andrea Gibson. Here, the tattoo artist placed the two introductory lines on both forearms in a vintage-style, all-caps typography which were inked as a reminder, according to the client, “of everything [he’s] been through and how [he] got through it all.”

4. This striking spine piece

The spine is one of the most dramatic spots for a tattoo, particularly so for an epic line like this one from Atticus, the mysterious but captivating Instagram poet who is known to always sport a mask, never revealing his actual face in public. It’s been reported that the symbolic nature of his mask is a reminder to “always write what he feels.”

Fan of this Atticus quote? Thanks to his *brand-new* collaboration with Inkbox on a collection of semipermanent tattoos, you can nab a version of this design here.

5. This knowledge drop

New York Times best-selling author r.h. Sin has penned multiple poetry books already, in addition to regularly dropping wisdom on his Instagram account. He’s also taken to showing off when fans get his words permanently inked using the hashtag #rhsinintattoos, like with the above gem of advice that was designed alongside Sin’s tagline.

6. This multi-finger magic

There’s no question that finger tattoos are gaining popularity right now, but when a design is cleverly displayed across several digits, it’s next-level cool. Compound that with the iconic nature of this famous line from Atticus, which Pretty Little Liars and Truth or Dare star Lucy Hale has inked on her as well, and you’ve got a very major multi-finger piece. (BTW, here’s how to care for finger tats, since they tend to fade more easily than some other placements.)

Fan of this Atticus quote? Thanks to his *brand-new* collaboration with Inkbox on a collection of semipermanent tattoos, you can nab a version of this design here.

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