6 Tattoo Artists on Their Favorite Tattoo in Their Portfolio

For tattoo artists, each day is filled with creative expression and design—not to mention loads of ideas from both clients and their own imaginations. With each appointment, they place onto a person a beautiful addition to their bodies. Appointment after appointment some tattoos might merge in their mind or simply be forgotten. Then there are the tattoos that inspired them — the ones they’ll never forget. If you’re looking for ideas for your next tattoo, we’ve got you covered. Check out these tattoo artists’ favorite tattoos they’ve inked.

1. An exploration of handwriting

“I believe, It is incredibly important for each artist to have their own ‘handwriting’. Eventually, people recognize you from your specific style and will cross oceans to get a tattoo from you. I love to work with patterns and mix realistic style with the abstract elements. I also prefer working with sketchy elements. In the end, the tattoo looks like a drawing. It gives me a freedom in process, because you can add elements and allow yourself not to follow every single line of design.” – Julia Kravtsova

2. Seeing a sketch become a tattoo

“I think my favorite tattoo I’ve done is this deer sketch. It was pretty cool to do.” – Vince Tatwo

3. Giving a still fox its place

“At the moment it’s this fox tattoo but, as I continue to evolve, it’s always changing.” – Lucas Dauner

4. Like finding yourself deep below the sea

“This is my favorite one. Doing it felt like diving.” – Kozo

5. Slowly but surely opening up to the world

“This is my favorite tattoo I’ve done. I like the idea of a flower blooming and also the color combination.” – Oxel

6. A morphing of mystical beings

“My favorite tattoo I’ve ever inked represents a unicorn with a mermaid’s tail.” – Amanda Toy

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