How Much Does a Wrist Tattoo Cost?

How Much Do Wrist Tattoos Cost
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If considering a tattoo, it is already known that prices will vary depending on what sort of tattoo you are getting, where you are getting it, and the skill level of the artist. However, another important consideration will be the part of the body that tattoo will be located. For example, The wrist is a pretty isolated area of the body, offering limited surface area. Therefore, that may sound like wrist tattoos cost will lend itself to a lower price tag, but that’s not necessarily true. There’s still a lot of factors that should be considered, and quite a range that will ultimately exist.

Wrist tattoo cost factor: your artist

“Tattoo cost is going to vary depending on the artist you choose,” says Liz Kantner, who co-owns a tattoo shop called Divination in Asheville, NC. Kantner reminds that getting a tattoo is a big and expensive decision and it is very important to do your research and choose an artist that is consistently putting out work that you would love to have on your body forever. Forever is a very long time!

Some key things to look at when researching an artist is to consider if their linework is solid and consistent. “Linework is the foundation of tattooing and making sure an artist can lay clean lines is very important. Also you need to make sure the shading is smooth and the colors are completely saturated in the skin,” says Kantner. Also ask to see healed pieces as the look of a fresh tattoo can be very deceiving.

An artist may be incredibly talented, but that isn’t everything. It’s also important to discuss if their art is in line with the ideas you have for the kind of design you want to have on your body.

The wrist is a prominent area so you want to make sure that what you are displaying is something both you and the artist are proud of. “Find an artist that fits your vision stylistically and who is excited to take on the project,” says Kantner. You want to have an artist who is as excited about your design as you are. The more into a project an artist is, the better the final result will be.

People are all individual, and of course so are their bodies. As far as the area goes everyone has different skin but generally the wrist is a good place because the skin is pretty tight and easy to access, explains Kantner, who says as you get closer to the wrist it does become a bit more painful as there are many nerves in that area going into your hand.

Wrist tattoo cost factor: planning

It’s normal to be a little nervous and you may be considering having a drink first to prep yourself with some courage. Don’t do it! Show up to your appointment on time, hydrated, sober, well rested, and after a decent sized meal. “It makes a huge difference with how your body handles the pain,” says Kantner.

If it (the body) is fighting hunger and numerous other things it can cause problems with how you heal,” says Kantner. The first couple days of care are crucial to how your tattoo will heal. Follow your artists care instructions and make sure to hydrate. If there is anything out of the ordinary with healing the tattoo you should contact the artist first.

As for the price, it does of course vary. Some artists charge by the piece and others by the hour depending on the complexity of the piece. But, according to Kantner, in general you can expect to pay $150-$250 per hour and up depending on how well known and talented an artist is. There’s other elements that may make the cost of a wrist tattoo increase or decrease. Some shops have a minimum fee, as do artists, and of course, different designs will be larger or smaller or more detailed or complicated. And, of course, there’s the issues of the colors you add in. Basic black ink costs less, but that’s still not cheap. But you’ll have it forever!

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Tattoos stay with you forever and the removal or cover-up process is much more painful both physically and financially, so it’s worth the effort to do your research and make sure you have the artist and the design you want. Waiting a bit longer to find the right one is far worth the wait if it’s going to avoid a lifetime of regret!

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