19 Harry Potter Tattoos for Wizards, Muggles, and Mudbloods Alike

harry potter tattoos
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Harry Potter fans are a force to be reckoned with. The fandom crosses generations and has remained active for decades. Even now, 22 years after the launch of first book and 18 years (to the day) since the release of the first movie, Potterheads remain loyal to the Wizarding World. We’re so loyal, in fact, that the Harry Potter franchise—including all the video games, amusement park rides, toys, and prequel movies—is worth an estimated $25-billion.

As a long time fan—I fondly remember the excited anticipation I felt the night before each book and movie dropped—what I especially love about the world J.K. Rowling built is the sense of community between Potterheads young and old, around the globe. There are endless ways we show our love for the series: We rewatch the movies, re-read the books, scroll through the Wizarding World website (which was previously Pottermore, an interactive site where you could explore the books, cast spells, and brew potions), dress up as wizards for Halloween, and even get tattoos. And if that last option piques your interest, and you’re considering solidifying your fandom status with some permanent body art, we have inspo for you. Here are 19 of our favorite Harry Potter tattoos. 

1. This mirrored, minimal Hallows

The Deathly Hallows symbol is one of the most ubiquitous Harry Potter tattoos. The Hallows—for those of you who aren’t Potterheads—represents three of the most powerful objects in the wizarding world: the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone, and Cloak of Invisibility. Here tattooer Curt Montgomery, resident artist at our very own Inside Out studio in Toronto, uses a mirrored technique, where he offsets identical images of different colors, to make this Hallows design pop. 

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2. These picturesque Patronuses

As a powerful defensive charm that can only be conjured up by recalling your happiest memories, a Patronus tattoo is the perfect Potter-inspired piece to share with a person who makes those happy memories with you. And this dreamy tattoo by Gabriela Čunátová, an artist based in Prague who specialized in watercolor designs, is a fun, vivid take on the life-saving, Dementor-ridding spell. 

3. An emotional exchange

We love a good text-based tattoo. We’re also partial to a sweet set of matching tattoos. And lucky for us, these pieces deliver on both of those fronts. The single-needle designs done by Sadie Flores—a tattooer in Utah who also specializes in permanent makeup—is deeply symbolic to any Potter fan since the text is from a conversation Harry has with his deceased parents before his final battle with Lord Voldemort. 

4. This bright, bold snitch

The Golden Snitch is a fixture of the Harry Potter series, from when Harry catches it in his mouth during his first game of Quidditch to when he unlocks it to access the Resurrection Stone during his final battle with the Dark Lord. And this vibrant, traditional-style forearm piece shows the Snitch in all its glory. 

5. A sighting of Sirius Black

When we first meet Sirius Black he’s a man on the run following his escape from Azkaban (the wizarding prison). Though he quickly reveals himself to be one of the good guys—he’s actually Harry’s godfather—there are few images as iconic as his manic face on the cover of the Daily Prophet. Danish tattooist Marianne Drost recreates that cover image flawlessly in this black and grey, realistic half-sleeve. Plus she’s done other stunning Potter designs including tattoos of McGonagall, Snape, and Voldemort

6. This very powerful potion

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Polyjuice is a complex potion made from Lacewing flies, leeches, horn of a Bicorn, knotgrass, fluxweed, and Boomslang skin. Yet despite its very involved recipe, a young Hermione Granger was still able to craft the concoction near flawlessly. And the magical quality of this Polyjuice tattoo—thanks to its dotwork style combined with bold lines and the classic Harry Potter font—gives it a nostalgic feel any Potterhead can appreciate. 

7. A mirror into the soul

According to Albus Dumledore, the Mirror of Erised shows the “deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.” Erised—which is desire spelled backwards—shows Harry his parents, for instance. However not everything the mirror reveals is attainable, and it’s said that many wizards have gone mad from staring into it for too long. This rendition of the mirror won’t show us our deepest desires, but the level of detail achieved by South Korean tattooer Zipin is definitely something to marvel at. 

8. This Harry Potter scrapbook

From the footprints of the Marauder’s Map to Harry’s glasses and lightning bolt-shaped scar, this tattoo screams Harry Potter. If you’re a fan who perhaps can’t settle on just one Potter-themed image to get tattooed, this cute, colorful creation—which combines styles by including elements of fine-line and watercolor design—from Brazilian artist Jacke Michaelson is a great compromise. 

9. The Weasley’s Burrow

The Weasley house (AKA The Burrow) was effectively Harry’s second home. It was here that he hid from the Dursley’s, spent holidays, did lots of flirting with Ginny—his future wife, and even fought off Dementors. And this traditional design by Amsterdam’s Katya Slonenko does a great job of showing off one of the most important places in the series.

10. This big, friendly half-Giant

The amount of detail in this tiny portrait tattoo (a style known as microrealism) is downright incredible. Done at Toronto-based studio Ink & Water, this piece definitely does justice to Hagrid’s magnificent scruffiness. 

11. These Lovegood lenses

If you’re more of a Luna Lovegood fan, this very pink piece might be right for you. Belgian tattooer and owner of Coup de Foudre, Lunie Chan, does a great job of capturing Lovegood’s whimsy in this illustrative tattoo of her signature glasses, the Spectrespecs. 

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12. This detailed Dark Mark

While the Dark Mark is usually thought to be a symbol of evil (it’s the symbol known to brand Death Eaters), in the case of Severus Snape, it can also be symbolic of fighting for good despite the temptations of evil. Whatever it means to you though, the Dark Mark is one of the most popular Harry Potter tattoos, and this black and grey microrealism piece by Manda—a resident artist at Sol Tattoo Studio in Seoul—is a beautiful take on the beloved design. 

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13. The tiniest trio

What’s cuter than Harry, Ron, and Hermione during their first year at Hogwarts? In this sweet, teeny bicep tattoo, Ovenlee—also a resident artist at Sol Tattoo Studio—applies her impressionistic style, which, similar to the style of painting, is defined by rough lines and bright colors, to a micro-portrait of the trio of friends. 

14. This colorful Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat is like the ultimate, mythical psychologist. By sitting on a Hogwarts student’s head for just a few moments, it can glean a decent enough understanding of their character to sort them into their House (either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff). This tattoo from UK-based artist Bonita Caruna combines sketch and watercolor styles to show off the hat’s personality—the sketch elements define its shape and face, while the watercolor element adds a bright, magic-inspired touch. 

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15. A map for mischief makers

I’ve always loved the Marauder’s Map, exclusively because of its goal of inspiring mischief. The map, which reveals all of Hogwarts (aside from unplottable, magically concealed rooms like the Room of Requirement and the Chamber of Secrets), can only be opened by reciting the text of this neo-traditional style tattoo: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

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16. This good, free elf

As the former house elf for the Malfoy family, Dobby has experienced a lot of mistreatment. But at his core, he’s is a good elf and is central to helping Harry survive several dangerous situations—including a near-death encounter with Bellatrix Lestrange. To commemorate the iconic character, this client got a massive, realism tattoo of the elf’s face at FlashBack Tattoo Shop in Gijón, Spain.

17. A Hogwarts half-sleeve

This breathtaking half-sleeve (it’s actually a full sleeve in progress) illustrates just how stunning Hogwarts truly is. Kristian Kimonides, a tattooist in Australia, shows the castle from afar beneath a starry night’s sky complete with Arthur Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia.

18. This good luck charm

If you’re in need of some good fortune, this Felix Felicis piece could be your lucky charm. Inspired by the potion (also known as “Liquid Luck”) that makes its drinker lucky, this colorful, fineline design is one of our favourite Harry Potter tattoos because of its cute, miniature size and warm hues. But remember, the effects of Felix Felicis don’t last forever. 

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19. Some white light

“Lumos” is a charm used very often throughout the Harry Potter series. It’s a simple incantation that turns the tip of one’s wand into a powerful flashlight. Harry, Ron, and Hermione use it in so many instances it’s difficult to keep count, and this tattoo of the charm does a great job of showing off its power to light up a room by making use of white ink.

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