13 Disney Tattoos for the Ultimate Stan

Disney tattoos
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There’s something undeniably powerful about the wonderful world of Disney, right? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual consumer of the classics like Cinderella and Snow White or a die-hard fan of the Mouse’s more recent catalogue, including hits like Moana and Coco—both of which are destined to be classics. Because regardless of what affinities you may have, odds are you’ve come to love at least a few of these characters.

And while the idea of Disney tattoos may seem a bit extreme for the everyday appreciator, there’s arguably no better way to show off your fandom than with some permanent ink. So for diehard stans, Disney tattoos, essentially, should be no brainers. Here, 13 incredible designs to get you inspired for your next (or first!) piece.

1. Up, up and away

It’s no wonder that Saegeem, a tattooer based in Seoul, has received so much media attention and acclaim for her work, not to mention her very active fanbase of 272,000 followers on Instagram: Her teeny yet incredibly intricate designs are almost as dreamy as this scene from Up is.

2. A girl worth fighting for

Vancouver-based artist Pifa Alarcon—who recently did a guest spot at our studio in Toronto—has a few Disney tattoos under her belt. With a delicate, hand-poked style, she adds a signature flair through witty captions like in the Mulan tattoo above as well is this Lilo & Stitch tattoo

3. Off to Neverland

One of the most popular tattoo trends of late is single needle designs. These tattoos, which allow for extraordinary detail in even the tiniest of pieces, have caught the attention of many celebrities, including Katy Perry, Joe Jonas, and Olivia Wilde. Romeo Lacoste, the artist behind this rendering of Peter Pan, says he loves and even prioritizes these micro, single needle designs over other tattoos at the moment.

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4. Down the rabbit hole

Alice in Wonderland is the kind of peculiar fantasy that feels perfectly fit for the style of this Korean artist, who mixes traditional animation with geometric and abstract backgrounds that include vibrant colors and bold lines. And he clearly has an affinity for the psychedelic story since he’s done several Alice-inspired pieces including one that features Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter.

5. Our favorite Falcon

Star Wars only recently joined the Disney family, but still, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include at least one tattoo inspired by the galaxy far, far away. Done by Laura Martinez, co-founder of New York’s Fleur Noire, this piece is a perfect example of extremely intricate linework. 

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6. A true Disney classic

Brazilian tattooist Filipe Marcelo, put this design together in his unique, illustrative style which includes the lines and reference points that you would usually find on the first draft of a drawing. The largely black and grey design is enhanced with just a pop of red that combines the Mickey of the past—his first appearance was in a 1928 black-and- film—with the more colorful Mickey of today. 

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7. Under the sea

If The Little Mermaid is more up your alley, this tattoo from Singaporean tattooer Olga Caca might inspire some feels. A beautiful example of watercolor tattooing, this piece is designed to show movement. It truly makes it look like Ariel is swimming in her kingdom. You know, the one under the sea. 

8. The flower that blooms in adversity

Keep in mind not all Disney tattoos need to be of character illustrations. Rather, text-based tattoos can be another great way to show off your love, especially if there’s a movie quote that you find particularly meaningful. Here, for instance, artist Kate Miagusuku, tattooed an iconic line from Mulan along her client’s spine

9. It means no worries

Hakuna Matata, indeed! Another example of a great micro tattoo, this piece from Edit Paints—a tattoo artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel—is so detailed that you can really see the lack of any worry on Simba’s face. Plus, she’s a total pro at Disney tattoos: Edit has dozens of designs her portfolio from the likes of Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.  

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10. To infinity and beyond

This piece by Brazilian tattooist Sil Dobbins is another great example of a text-based Disney tattoo. Her delicate black-and-grey style translates perfectly to these matching Toy Story-inspired designs; ones that work as best friend or couple’s tattoos.

11. The Great Stone Dragon


It’s hard not to love Mulan’s loyal, hilarious guardian and dragon, Mushu. And Marc Mestre’s cool dotwork—an intricate style where details are created by layering dots—rendition of the character is definitely one of our favorites.

12. Lady and the Tramp stamp

There’s no reason a Disney tattoo can’t also be funny, or in this case, punny. (Also cheeky and sassy, TBH.) Turning the traditional notion of a ‘tramp stamp’ on its head, this tattoo by Canadian artist Karen Awesom, features Tramp on a cute, colorful stamp for a hilarious piece.

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13. Aw, phooey!

Duda Lozano is a São Paulo-based tattooer practicing a very new style: embroidery tattoos. His pieces, like this one of Donald Duck, so closely resemble embroidered patches that it’s difficult to tell the difference between a real patch and its tattooed counterpart. Plus, Donald looks pretty badass here, don’t you think?

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