11 Aquarius Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate the Sign of the Season

Aquarius tattoo designs
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Welcome to Aquarius season! “Compared to the last few seasons we’ve had, full of Eclipses and multiple Retrogrades, this Aquarius season is actually pretty relaxed,” explains Rasheem, resident astrologer at Inkbox. “We have a New Moon in Aquarius on January 24, calling for us to take a unique perspective on any new projects we are beginning, or want to begin, in the coming months. Try looking at something from a new perspective, as that might give you the answers you’ve been searching for. We also have Venus entering Aries on February 7, calling for some fiery energy in our relationships. Be careful not to be too impulsive and headstrong, and try to channel that Aquarian logic before making any drastic decisions.”

If the drastic decision you want to make is a new tattoo though, we have the inspiration you need. Here are 11 great Aquarius tattoo designs that celebrate the sign’s solar return.

1. The classic Water Bearer

“Aquarians are symbolized by the Water Bearer, who is known to be the eternal giver of life and spiritual food to the world. We would not be able to live and grow without being watered, and Aquarians make sure that happens,” explains Rasheem. “The water washes away the past, giving us a clean slate and fresh start for the future. This is why Aquarians are known to be innovative and forward-thinking. The water is also symbolic of their knowledge and individuality, which they seek to dispense to all.”

Here, French tattooist Marie Roura depicts the classic Water Bearer in her signature fine linework style (which also includes some beautiful background details like a spiralled wave and geometric formation). 

2. This hand poked hydria

If you’re looking for a subtle way to pay tribute to your star sign, this calf tattoo by Brooklyn-based Tea Leigh, resident artist and co-owner of Welcome Home Studio, is a great option. The minimal hydria (an ancient water carrying vessel) is a nod to the Water Bearer, but isn’t an overt Aquarius tattoo.

Another benefit of getting a zodiac-inspired design from Leigh? The full-time hand poke tattooer also happens to moonlight as an astrologer. In fact, for a while they were offering Astro appointments; three hour sessions that included a birth chart reading and then a custom tattoo appointment for a design based on your sun, moon, and rising signs.

3. These vibrant violets

If you’re a February-born Aquarian, another great tattoo option is your birth flower: the violet. This stunning take on the perfectly purple petals was done by Ola, a resident artist at Ink & Water (a studio that also happens to be on our list of the top places to get tattooed in Toronto) who specializes in floral tattoos

4. This spacey scene

This Aquarius tattoo is packed full of symbolism related to the sign. For starters, the deep blue watercolor style orb is Uranus, Aquarius’ ruling planet which is said to represent surprise, innovation, and imagination. But that’s not all. Donghwa, the South Korean tattoo artist behind this piece also wrapped the Aquarius constellation around the planet, and in the place of one of its stars included the sign’s glyph (those two little wavy lines).

5. This bookish beauty

Aquarius is an air sign, and according to Rasheem, “air signs are all about logic. They are curious to learn about anything and everything that tickles their fancy. They’re quick, witty, and intelligent, and Aquarians encompass all of these traits.” So, while a sketch style tattoo of a person reading might not seem directly related to Aquarians, it is—at least in the sense that it reflects their love of learning. And doesn’t the squiggly blue line at the bottom of the design feel reminiscent of the Aquarius wave symbol? We sure think so.

6. Some tiny text

Wear your star sign loud and proud with this text tattoo by Yasmin Luijten. The owner and resident artist at Yazz Ink studio in the Netherlands specializes in a crossover style that she refers to as “Neopin” (a combination of Neo Traditional, realism and blackwork) but switched gears for this minimal, clean, sans serif font design. It’s literal and direct, much like Aquarians. 

7. This symbolic set

This tiny tattoo is another super symbolic Aquarius design. Done by Kissa, a South Korean tattooer who actually specializes in zodiac tattoos (her designs have made every sign-specific tattoo gallery we’ve curated to date), this piece incorporates several glyphs that would only be recognizable to the astrologically inclined—including the standard wave for Aquarius and the symbol for Uranus. 

8. This showering statuette 

The astrologically unversed might not even realize that this cool, minimal piece by Berlin’s Anna Zachariades is an Aquarius tattoo. At first glance, the forearm tattoo seems inspired by Greco-Roman sculpture, and maybe it is, but it’s also another picturesque depiction of the archetypal Water Bearer. 

Plus, doesn’t she look serene? That’s the vibe we hope you can channel when Mercury goes Retrograde on February 16. But if you feel a little off during that time, don’t worry. Rasheem explains that while “most of [Retrograde] occurs in Pisces Season, it can still force us into mishaps to highlight the ways we need to improve ourselves. Be aware of your habits during this time, and take a second to think before reacting. You’ll survive. You always do.”

9. This anime Aquarius angel

Mexican tattooer Lilian Raya has cultivated a loyal following for her vibrant, anime-esque New School style (she currently boasts an impressive 297,000 followers on Instagram). And this piece is perhaps the ultimate Aquarius-inspired tattoo—aside from all the symbolism in the design, it’s also incredibly creative and eye-catching, which is ideal for the sign that Rasheem describes as feeling a “need to be unique.” It’s perfect for those of you who are seriously stoked about your star sign. 

10. These dotwork droplets

Seattle’s Avery Osajima is known for her celestial-inspired hand poke tattoo designs—many of her pieces incorporate starry scenes and touch on the themes of nature, creation, and the universe. It’s a style perfectly suited to any astrological tattoo. Here, the resident artist at Lilith Tattoo, a QTPOC-owned tattoo collective, designed an Aquarius piece complete with sparkly dotwork water droplets fit for every water bearing air sign. 

11. This colorful Tarot card

If you’re in the market for an undeniably distinctive design (which you probably are if you’re an Aquarian) this colorful Neo Traditional style forearm piece by Puerto Rican tattooer Krystel Ivannie is great inspiration. The meta-tattoo—that’s what we call a tattoo that has tattoos—depicts The Star Tarot card; the card that rules Aquarius.

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