13 Avengers Tattoos Perfect for Diehard Marvel Fans

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Superhero nerdom, this one’s for you. When Avengers: Endgame hit the big screen in April, it topped previous box office records and ended Marvel’s Infinity saga with a bang. Over the past eleven years—and twenty-three films—hundreds of millions of viewers have been moved by the narrative of a band of heroes seeking to save our universe, so the end of this chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been highly emotional, to say the least. But it’s not over yet! The Disney-owned studio has announced several upcoming films that have left diehard fans in intense anticipation. So, while you count down to the release of next movie, we’ve rounded up 13 Avengers tattoos that show just how much love fans have for the MCU.

1. I love you 3000 

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I love you 3000.

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Los Angeles-based artist Jing did this stunning single-needle tattoo of the Avengers’ ‘A’ symbol—one of the most classic Avengers-inspired designs—for his client. The tattooer exclusively uses vegan ink and often works with fine lines, but it’s the red and blue watercolor detailing that really brings this piece to life. 

2. Born to be king 

Maybe you’re more supervillain than superhero. If that’s the case, perhaps a design inspired by Loki—Thor’s younger, malicious brother and eventual conqueror of the fictional realm of Asgard—like this minimal tattoo of his helmet by Netherlands-based artist Sara MacGregor, is more up your alley. 

3. This gorgeous Gauntlet

Sure, the Infinity Gauntlet has been the source of some of the more heart-breaking moments in the Avengers series (RIP Tony Stark), but it’s also the ultimate symbol of power. Here, this South Korean tattooer—known only by his Instagram handle, @tattooist_88—put together a cool, pixel-inspired rendition of the glove. 

4. I am Groot 

Groot, the selfless sentient tree-creature known for only being able to say his own name, is adorable in this realism piece by William Lee, resident artist at Dead Kings Tattoo in St. Wendel, Germany. And the illusion of light Lee has created using white ink really makes this Avengers tattoo pop. 

5. Wakanda forever 

Marco, owner and resident artist at Nerdymatch Ink in Munich, created this full forearm tattoo using imagery from Black Panther—the highest grossing film of 2018. The panther at the base of the design is inspired by the mask worn by the film’s hero, T’Challa. And to complete the delicate, minimal piece, the artist also included text from Wakanda’s unique writing system.

6. Avengers, assemble 

If you can’t decide on just one Avengers character to get tattooed, considering taking inspiration from this fan, and choosing a handful of your favorites instead. Here, Toronto-based tattooist Rose Amor created a piece that pays tribute to several members of Avengers family through icons designed in a style that mixes elements of both watercolor and sketch tattoos. 

7. This tenacious Titan

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💎 Thanos 💎

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Marvel does many things well, and one of their greatest strengths is creating villains with depth; villains who are impossible to hate. Thanos is one of those villains. He’s a powerful Titan driven by anger whose main goal is to bring stability to the universe, though his methods are…a bit harsh. Showing Thanos in all his armored glory, this tattoo was done by Kozo, a resident artist at Gida Tattoo studio in Tel Aviv. 

8. 100% that witch 

Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch is breathtaking in this thigh tattoo by Brazilian artist Gabriel Assis. This might even be one of our favorite Avengers tattoos thanks to its nostalgic feel—the image is based on the original Marvel Comic character rather than the modernized Scarlet Witch from the Avengers films. Notice her vintage headdress? That’s maximalism at its finest. 

9. The power of Thor 

Norse god of thunder, Thor feels incomplete without his magic hammer, Mjölnir. The powerful, weather-manipulating weapon is part of his identity, and it looks pretty rad in this black and grey rendering (which also includes some cool geometric elements) by tattoo artist Matt Tio.

10. Ms. Marvel 

Captain Marvel is a first for the MCU; its first female cinematic superhero, that is. Artist Bruna Martinez tattooed the character in her signature style, which combines elements of watercolor and fine line designs. 

11. A Thanos/Simpsons mashup 

This creative, unexpected take on an Avengers tattoo was done by Canti, a tattooist in Barcelona. The design pays homage to two very different pop-culture icons—Homer Simpson and Thanos—in Canti’s signature Neotraditional style—a detail-oriented update on American Traditional tattoos. 

12. Genius, billionaire, Playboy, philanthropist 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a tribute to Iron Man in this gallery. So for all the Tony Stark (RIP) fans out there, here it is: a colorful portrait of the (masked) man himself by Italian tattooer Micro, resident at Sundance Tattoo Studio in Bologna.

13. We stan Stan Lee

Get out the tissue box, because this calf tattoo of the late, great Stan Lee, might leave you a little bit emotional. The realism piece was done by Chicago-based artist Everett Reynolds and is a perfect rendering of the creator of the Marvel Universe surrounded by some of his most iconic characters.

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