7 Capricorn Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate the Sign’s Solar Return

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Welcome to Capricorn season! The astrologically inclined will know that Capricorn is the star sign that sees us into—and out of—each new year (Capricorn season runs from December 21 to January 20). As 2019 comes to a close, Capricorns aren’t only welcoming us into a new year though, they’re welcoming us into an entirely new decade. So it makes sense that this season is expected to be a transformational one. “This holiday season will be an exciting one, as we have a Capricorn Solar Eclipse on December 25-26, which is also the time of the Capricorn New Moon,” Rasheem, Inkbox’s resident astrologer, tells Inside Out. “This new moon will inspire us to set new goals for ourselves, while also showing us a new pathway that lies ahead of us.” 

One way to celebrate that spirit of transformation is with tattoos—an art form that literally transforms our bodies. So to close off the 2010s—and make way for all the growth awaiting us in the 2020s—we’ve put together a list of seven stunning Capricorn tattoo designs.

1. The classic Sea Goat

This Capricorn opted for a large, black and grey tattoo of the sign’s universal symbol: The Sea Goat. “The story of the Sea Goat says that they were once fish who grew the front legs of a goat and started to make their way out of the sea,” explains Rasheem. “They kept their tails and were able to walk on land and journey farther than they ever imagined. I love this story because it shows us that despite the fact that Capricorns are earth signs, they have the advantage of the emotional depth that comes from the water—and for anyone who knows a Cap, you know they have emotions that run deep.”

2. Saturn: the ruling planet

Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, represents hard work, discipline, and structure, which is why this zodiac sign “can sometimes feel responsible for things that aren’t their responsibility,” says Rasheem. “They over-worry when things are fine, and really should take a break from being workaholics.” But Saturn is also the planetary power behind the sign’s impressive ambition. So if you’re looking for a Capricorn tattoo that doubles as a really cool space tattoo, a Saturn-inspired design—like this bold, colorful forearm piece by Chile-based artist Anastassia Wilhelm—is great inspiration. 

3. This couple’s constellation

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We love a good set of matching tattoos, and these fine line Capricornus constellations are no exception. According to Rasheem, a staple quality of Capricorns is wanting “to take care of others and be taken care of,” which means relationships are incredibly important to them. What better way to mark your relationship than by getting tattooed together (granted, this design only works if you and your partner—of BFF or sibling—are both Capricorns).  

4. A symbolic sketch

If you’re deeply immersed in the world of astrology, this tiny tattoo filled with Capricorn symbolism might be the perfect fit for you. The piece by South Korean tattoo artist Kissa—who actually specializes in zodiac tattoos—combines the glyph for Capricorn with the symbol for Saturn, the sign’s ruling planet, to create a cute geometric design perfect for any astrological enthusiast.  

5. This tiny text piece

Capricorns are “driven by things that they can see, touch, and feel, rather than the intangible. They’re deeply loyal to a fault, and are some of the most hardworking people I know” says Rasheem. He also explains that Capricorn is an earth sign, which means it’s very “practical and logical.” And sometimes what’s most practical is a small, simple tattoo like this text-based bicep tattoo by Toronto tattooer Amy Bee, resident artist at Matchbox Tattoo Company

6. These blooming birth flowers

This tattoo is a subtle nod to the client’s Capricorn status. Done by Carla Evelyn, an Australian artist and co-owner of The Paper Moon Tattoo studio, the design includes one clear Capricorn symbol (the little ‘n’ shaped glyph on the thumb), but it’s otherwise a more figurative piece. What makes this a Capricorn tattoo? It’s the flowers—the hand is holding carnations and ivy, Capricorn’s birth flowers. 

7. This corralling Capricorn

Another take on the classic Sea Goat, this piece by Montreal-based artist Charline Bataille is one of the most unique Capricorn tattoo designs we’ve come across. Charline—who is a resident artist at Minuit Dix tattoo studio—describes their designs as “queer propaganda” done in a “creepy-kitschy-cute” aesthetic. This piece of a cowboy-boot-rocking Cap riding a Sea Goat definitely fits that vibe.  

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