15 Space Tattoos That Are Out of This World

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Although there aren’t any commercial flights available to the moon yet, some of the best tattoo inspo comes from the Great Beyond. Shooting stars, Saturn’s rings, and the phases of the moon all make for pretty stellar pieces. And because space tattoos are so popular, artists across all different styles of tattoo have been putting their spin on the theme. Check out some of our favorite space tattoos below that may just inspire your next appointment for some fresh ink.

1. These perfectly aligned planets

A twist on a classic solar system design, this piece’s bright blues and bold colors are what really make it pop. And even if you’re on #teampluto and seeking justice for the dwarf planet, it’s still a top-notch tattoo.

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2. These shining stars

3, 2, 1, blast off! This design takes on a whole new life when met with a blacklight. UV tattoos have been experiencing a real glow up thanks to artists like Tukoi Oya. Its glow-in-the-dark effect is seriously on the nose when it comes to the space theme, too.

3. This bold Saturn design

Did you know that Saturn’s rings were first seen by Galileo in 1610? We wonder if he could have predicted that some 400 years later people would be getting these rings drawn permanently on their skin. Maybe he’d find it curious that anyone would want a tattoo of water, ice, and rock particles. Different times Galileo, different times. 

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4. This custom constellation

New York’s Laura Martinez is known for her hyper-detailed, fine line tattoos. And if you take a quick look at her Instagram it’s clear that constellation tattoos are a common request among her clients. “Constellations are beautiful to me,” she recently told Inside Out. “I like to think that I can make those unreachable stars become delicate sparkles on people’s bodies. In the sky as on the skin, they remain for those who look at them, infinite.” (And if nothing else, it kinda reminds us of these zodiac-inspired tattoos.

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5. These moon phases

We’re going to let the caption on this photo explain the tattoo—and speak for itself. “I was recently assaulted based off being Asian and it’s been a sad wake up call to how narrow-minded some people are. I want this as a sign that we are all one. The moons represent that each day we look at the moon, it can look different, yet it is all the same moon. This is to symbolise the different appearances of others but we are all human.” 


6. This astronaut’s journey

This piece by contemporary artist Yi Stropky, who recently described his designs to us as “childlike and playful,” uses placement in a powerful way. The design touches on love and the way space changes you. And the literal, physical distance between Stropky’s figures adds to the emotional distance we feel between the two characters. 

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7. This space angel

Say it with us: More. Women. In. Space. Only 11 percent of the explorers who have ventured into space have been women, but American Traditional style artist Matt Cannon is helping us manifest more outer space babes into existence with this piece. And we are so here for it.

8. These moon and stars

Just because the universe is vast (and maybe even infinite) doesn’t mean all space tattoos need to be massive. Maybe you’d rather get something teeny tiny with thin lines, like this crescent moon. Often times, crescent moons represent womanhood but regardless of its meaning, this tattoo shows that even the daintiest designs can make a big impact, especially on smaller placements like the wrist.

9. This bold space explorer

Outer space is impressive and awe-inspiring, and so are the people who dedicate their lives to to exploring it. If you’re looking for inspiration to take a chance and venture into the unknown, perhaps a tattoo of a space traveller—especially one as bold as this blackwork piece—is exactly what you need. 

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10. This dark side of the moon

We don’t blame this client for wanting to carry a full moon with them 24/7. Full moons can symbolize clarity and the height of power. A full moon is a great time to reflect on the past while setting your intentions for the future. And if you’re wondering how artists can create such realistic-looking tattoos, they could be using the gray wash technique. This tattoo technique helps give that pencil-shading effect using just gray and black inks.

11. This celestial duet

We’re seeing double, in the best way possible. If you’re interested in marking your relationship—with a sibling or friend or partner—with matching ink, let these tiny shoulders tattoos inspire you to take the plunge. 

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12. This different kind of takeoff 

While we normally use hot air balloons for the picturesque, overhead views, there’s talk of giving them a new purpose: to launch rockets into space. We’re perfectly fine with keeping this balloon here on earth’s ground, though. The design by  Bongkee, a South Korean tattoo artist,  is minimal but still pops thanks to the bold, black continents. 

13. This technicolor solar scene

While the night sky looks fairly black and white to our bare eyes here on earth, our solar system is full of color so watercolor tattoos are the perfect way to pay homage to the planets. Canadian artist Lauren Baker is not only a watercolor tattoo artist, but also a watercolor painter as well. And her talent definitely translates from paper to skin with this piece.

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14. This powerful planet

Mira Mariah—AKA GirlKnewYork—is notorious for her dreamy, swirly, swooping line designs (seriously, even Ariana Grande loves them). Here, she does a stunning rendition of Saturn, a planet that’s known to embody power and change. 

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15. This sexual space gal

Sure, you might like space, but this intergalactic gal really likes space. In true Curt Montgomery fashion, the resident artist at our very own Inside Out studio adds a sexually empowering twist to this space tattoo.

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