The 9 Best Sagittarius Tattoos to Help Kick Off the Season

Sagittarius Tattoos
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Astrological fans know that today, November 22, marks the first day of Sagittarius season—and between the change in signs and Mercury having just gone direct, expect the season to be a reflective one. “The season will teach us to use everything we learned during the retrograde, as well as the whole year, to reflect on what is really vital for yourself,” Rasheem, Inkbox’s resident astrologer, tells Inside Out. “You may find inspiration to start something new.”

So in the spirit of starting something new, how about one of these Sagittarius tattoos? Check out nine of our favorite pieces for the astrological archer below.

1. This camouflaged constellation

Sagittarians aren’t known to be low-key—Rasheem describes them as “bright, fiery, and opinionated,” but a subtle tattoo can still be a great fit for the sign. Take this Sagittarius constellation by JK Kim, who tattooed around her client’s existing beauty marks, using the natural spots to complete the starry sequence’s design. 

2. A badass, woman archer

This bold Sagittarius opted for a large, sketchwork bicep tattoo of the sign’s iconic symbol: the archer. Usually the archer is drawn as a centaur, but this client opted for a feminine update on the character. “Not only does [the archer] symbolize their ability to be brave and adventurous yet also violent and wild, but also the Sagittarian’s attempt to free itself from mankind’s animal nature and desires through knowledge,” says Rasheem. “They’re known to hit things right on the mark, so a bow and arrow makes a lot of sense.”

3. This travel-inspired tat

“Sagittarius is the sign of learning and curiosity, jumping into new things that pique their interest,” explains Rasheem. “They also need—and I mean, need—their freedom.”

To that end, Sags are also ready to pack a suitcase. “They like to travel frequently to learn—because the more they learn, the better their knowledge, and the stronger their intuition,” he says. It seems only natural then, that a Sag would opt for a travel-inspired tattoo like this minimal but colorful piece from Shannon Wolf, resident artist at Daydream Tattoo in Portland. 

4. For the symbolic Sagittarius

If you’re astrologically minded and in need of some new ink inspo, check out this geometric design filled with Sagittarius symbolism. Drawn by South Korean artist Kissa, this fineline spine tattoo includes glyphs that represent the Sagittarius sign as well as Jupiter, the sign’s ruling planet. Turns out Kissa actually specializes in zodiac tattoos and has done several Sagittarius-inspired pieces, including this winged bow and this colorful constellation design

5. This cunning cheetah

While this hand poked cheetah tattoo might not seem like an obviously Sagittarius design to pick, Rasheem says the animal is a great representation of the sign. “Sagittarians are known hunters,” he says, “and while there’s only one big cat in the zodiac—yes Leos, I’m talking to you—the cheetah is a great symbol for Sags because they’re quick, determined, and never stop searching for what they want until they have it.”

6. This rendering of Jupiter

Since ruling planet Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and growth, this space tattoo from Saegeem, a South Korean tattooer who specializes in colorful tiny tattoos is another great option for Sag suns. Sure, the ankle tattoo is small, but it’s still mighty thanks to the contrast between its warm hues and white ink detailing. 

7. The classic centaur

Sagittarians are complex, much like the mythical half human-half horse creature, the centaur, tattooed here in the watercolor style by Kuomo of Moushi Tattoo studio in Taiwan. The sign’s archetypal character, the centaur-archer, “is based in Greek Mythology and the constellation Sagittarius which looks like a centaur running with a bow and arrow,” says Rasheem. 

8. Some fire for a fire sign

This dotwork design of a matchstick is another great option for the fire sign. “Sags can be explosive—like the moment a matchstick is sparked, and while they can provide you with light and life, they can burn you if you aren’t careful,” says Rasheem. 

9. This colorful chest piece   

This big, bold tattoo which spans across the chest and down the bicep, incorporates all the Sag symbolism. Done by Emrah de Lausbub, resident artist at Lausbub Tattoo Kollektiv in Germany, the Sagittarius constellation and archer’s arrow—which is piercing a circular illustration placed right over the client’s heart—are accented by splashes of watercolor, de Lausbub’s signature style.

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