10 Sibling Tattoos That Even Your Parents Will Love

sibling tattoos
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The bond that exists between siblings is a very special one. Growing up, it’s likely that you and your sibling(s) didn’t always get along—sibling rivalry is a very real thing—but you still had each other’s backs. That’s because having a sibling means you have a ride-or-die friend and confidante for life. Throughout childhood, siblings are the ultimate support system; they’re always there to help you up during an argument with your parents, talk to or play with you when you’re bored, and keep your secrets. To celebrate that special love and unbreakable bond, as adults, many siblings choose to get tattooed together. If that’s something that interests you, here, we’ve rounded up 10 great sibling tattoos for inspiration. 

1. These delicate ankle designs

In addition to his status as a go-to celebrity tattoo artist, NYC-based JonBoy—he’s done all of Kendall Jenner’s tattoos and regularly adds ink to Hailey Bieber’s collection—is known for his fine line, single needle work. The delicate designs are perfect for anyone looking to be discreet with their tattoos, including this trio who got tiny sibling tattoos to show their affection for one another.

2. A colorful constellation

Before this pair of twins moved to different cities, they enlisted May, a tattooer based in LA, to give them a set of matching tattoos. Known for her fine line botanical designs, the artist put together a colorful illustration of the Leo constellation—we love a good astrological tattoo—anchored with larkspurs, the July birth flower, rather than the usual stars. 

3. This classic character 

Winnie-the-Pooh is one of the greatest children’s books of all time (at least according to TIME). Its title character has been part of kids’ lives for generations—through the original books and its TV adaptations. And Pooh was clearly a big part of this brother-sister duo’s life since the two chose to get tattoos of a Heffalump—an elephant-like animal from the series—from Steph Mehlhaff, a handpoke artist at Home Bodies Tattoo in Seattle.

4. A pixel-perfect piece

Growing up, we do all sorts of activities with our siblings. When we’re younger we might play hide-and-seek or tag. Then, as we get older, the activities change to include things like board games, sports, or—in this pair’s case—video games. To celebrate their shared love of gaming, these siblings opted for tattoos inspired by the classic heart-shaped health icon, done at Buccaneer Tattoo Shop in Italy.

5. This photo-inspired portrait

One of Shannon Wolf’s specialties is turning family photos into stunning minimal tattoos. A quick scroll through the Portland-based tattooist’s portfolio will reveal dozens of these colorful family photo-inspired pieces, including this cute sibling tattoo of two sisters dressed up in costume for Halloween.

6. These chatty skeleton sisters

Another great Halloween-inspired design, these sibling tattoos were done at Seattle’s Artful Dodger studio by resident artist Dan Stender. If you look closely you can see that the black and gray skeletons—with jack-o-lantern skulls—are chatting through a tin can telephone, perhaps a nod to the close relationship between the sisters who decided to get this spooky tattoo.

7. This fine line floral design

If you and your sibling(s) are close in age, it’s likely that you experienced many of your ‘firsts’ together—think: first movie, first vacation, first sports lesson, etc. In keeping that tradition alive, these sisters got their first tattoos together, too. The sweet, fine line hummingbirds are identical, but the surrounding flowers are different to distinguish between the designs.

8. This dueling duo

Bart and Lisa Simpson might be television’s most iconic siblings. Inspired by the characters—who have been entertaining fans of The Simpsons for 30 years—this real life brother and sister chose to mark their bond with colorful tattoos of the TV siblings. The duo is pictured here mid-fight; a realistic portrayal of sibling relationships which occasionally (and inevitably) involve some feuding.

9. These small stars

This set of sisters chose to get sibling tattoos that double as fandom tattoos. The three little stars are a subtle reference to the Harry Potter series, since in the US, the books have these same stars printed at the top corner of each page.

10. This trio of triangles

A clever take on sibling tattoos, this trio got simple triangle tattoos along their wrists. Each triangle represents one of the siblings, but what makes these pieces especially interesting is the single full-black triangle—which represents their order of birth.

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